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on the day they do such a heinous action such as this. such a bad action such as this. they're symptomatic for a long period of time beforehand when things are brewing. we have to ask what made him basically go over the edge and i think as you have asked rightly, could something have been done before happened? for all we know he may have been under some care but things may have changed in this time period. we need more information. >> doctor, i think you're right. we do need more information on a lot of fronts. very little, as i pointed out, is known about the shooter at this point. law enforcement is not even identifying him yet. they say they wait for the postmortem to do that officially. but we're beginning to get a little bit of information about him. and so we're bringing it to you as we get it. we'll take a short break. and when he come back, we'll continue to bring the latest on this terrible, horrific shooting that happened at a elementary school in newtown, connecticut. we're back in just a moment. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. bu
opioids. it was the saddest thing i had ever seen. >> so he took action, helping write guidelines that this year became state law. it applies to noncancer chronic pain patients. it mandates prescriber education. treatment plans called pain contracts between physicians and patients. and tracking of opioid use. >> if states don't renew laws using best practices and precautions so opioids can be used safely and effectively, this will never turn around. >> the washington state law does have its share of critics, many of whom are patients dealing with pain right now. >> i have seen her curled up in a fetal position for hours, even crying at times. >> in tacoma, washington, christie and burt, husband and wife, are both in pain. his caused by multiple sclerosis. >> my leg is constantly being electrocuted from the inside out. >> hers caused by a car accident 16 years ago. >> i was in a big old '77 chevrolet station wagon, bent it in half. i looked in my rear-view mirror and i could actually see the woman putting mascara on and i knew i was in trouble. >> putting on mascara. >> yes. yep. t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)